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Teravision Games was founded in 2006, and to date has developed and released more than 70 games, created for clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, Atari, Namco, PBS and DHX.

We transform narrative worlds into game mechanics

We focus on understanding our client’s properties and creating experiences that are both engaging and consistent with their IPs, transforming their narrative aspects into game mechanics. Some examples include Phineas and Ferb, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Care Bears and Dora the Explorer.

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I have to be honest, this was supposed to be an article about a new Game Testing 101 series. But there was so much that I wanted to write about that I just couldn't complete it. I wrote and re-wrote, heck I even tried writing in rhymes (don't believe me? Wait for next Tuesday, the Testing Tuesday post might be a bit cheesy) I settled then for separting my giant post into several not-so-giant posts, and

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We are extremely happy to announce that Teletoon has published Dr Dimensionpants Flyin' the latest game created by Teravision Games for our amazing client and partner DHX Media! Click here to play the game! Dr Dimensionpants is an amazing new show created by Brad Peyton, produced by DHX Media and Teletoon (watch the show here), that premiered Nov 6th. 2014 and we were very lucky to have been chosen by DHX Media to be their

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I have always hated chemistry, I despised the time I spent in my school's chemistry lab, watching the hours tick by and thinking about my Nintendo 64 waiting for me back home. Needless to say, I’m awful at chemistry. That is why I was so surprised that a simple chemistry concept would so harmoniously and flawlessly apply to Game Design. In this article you will learn what is Distilled Game Design and how should a

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    Breadwinners – Punch it B
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    Dr Dimensionpants – Flyin’
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    Booyakasha Blitz
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    Hans Hans – Battle for Asgard
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    Glenn Martin DDS


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